Market Research


2500 years ago, Sun Tzu said that a “good commander always knew the terrain and how to use it to his advantage”.

The very same principle applies to businesses and that is where Market Research comes into the picture. Know your potential clients, your potential competitors, and the general business landscape that you will be operating in.

Opening a new branch in another area of Bangkok requires market research on one level; introducing your product in Thailand or in Southeast Asia requires a different level. Likewise, the level of granularity can be constrained by time or financial factors. Either way, Harvest Consultant’s team can tailor your market research to fit your needs and constraints and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the market space.

Our consultants have global training and expertise, plus well-equipped with local knowledge, to provide you with the best of both worlds.

Be prepared

Hope is not a method” – Gen. Colin Powell on Military Command and Leadership

Jumping straight into an unknown market has never worked but many companies still fail to give the market space, competitor landscape and consumer behavior more than a cursory glance. This would be like flying into the clouds with all navigation instruments, GPS and the weather radar turned off.

Our experts can provide your business with market research of increasing granularity based on your business and how far your are in your deliberations. Based on your needs and budget, Harvest Consultants can arrange and coordinate anything from basic fundamentals, such as providing market and competitor snapshot, to medium- and full-scale market research that includes public perception and brand performance at domestic and international level; current and future market segmentation/share; product marketing strategies, etc.

We have access to global market information, analysis, and forecast trends. Through our partnership with specialised market research companies that conduct consumer focus-groups and surveys, Harvest Consultants can deliver to you the latest quantitative data and best qualitative analysis to give your business steps ahead of your competitors.