Staff Confidence Training

from basic knowledge to silver service

Work better together and reap the rewards from positive customer experience by provide your staff with the right product knowledge and training.

In successful businesses the staff undergo continued training to hone their skills and to build a cohesive experience for the customers – Michelin star restaurants, five-star hotels, airlines and virtually every successful brand do this. Often, however, this training is neglected during the day-to-day running of the business, and why change a winning formula? Wrong! We can always do better, and the clients of Harvest Consultants recognise that it sometimes takes an outside view to identify inherent behaviour of the staff-problematic or otherwise. We put best practices into a customised training program from ‘Basic 101 Training’ to ‘Silver Service Training’ courses.

Furthermore, staff in Thailand often suffer from a lack of confidence in their English. Our multi-lingual trainers with international backgrounds in hospitality can assist your staff to better their linguistic skill quickly and grow their confidence. With our training, not only will your staff be delivering a better and increase positive customer experience, but also grow your business bottom-line through increases in staff’s ability to up-sell your products and repeat customer visits!